Allow Us to Plan Every Detail of Your Project

We provide all-inclusive bathroom countertop and remodeling services in the Fountain Valley, CA and surrounding areas

Remodeling a bathroom may involve removing everything from the space and rebuilding it from the ground up. If that's the case, every task needs to be accounted for. If the thought of remodeling your bathrooms is overwhelming, turn to MiLANO Kitchen & Bath in Fountain Valley, CA and surrounding areas for bathroom remodeling services.

We can complete the following tasks for you:

  • Design
  • Demolition and debris removal
  • Electrical, plumbing and drywall work
  • Sink, shower, flooring, backsplash, bathtub and bathroom countertop installation
  • Interior painting

Remodeling your bathrooms will be an enjoyable experience when you hire us. Call 714-964-8500 now to start redesigning your space.

Do you have specific requests?

Whether you want to copy a backsplash design you found online or you've already picked out your bathroom countertops, our installation specialists in Fountain Valley, CA and surrounding areas will gladly honor your requests. Reach out today to tell us about the ideas you have.